Wall of Fame 2020

Freedom35 January 4, 2020

New year new list of all donators. Previous “Wall of Fame” can be found HERE and HERE.

I would like to Thank You again for your support… it’s because of You this website is still going strong 🙂


January 604online bigmecha (5th) Thomas Dr J (5th) Radioactive (5th) JohnLP (2nd) The Masked Man certcomp (4th) Rumblestrip swisscheez


John certcomp (5th) pageophile (2nd) greg (4th)

March Harmon951 (2nd) certcomp (6th) david045 aussieguy99 (2nd) lithops dougeroo1 Alainke007 Jinxy (4th) catar (4th) 604online (2nd) rits (unknown user) pageophile (3rd) bad3555 (2nd) whatmakesmedifferent thingmaker (7th) 47mpumper (2nd) boyd1955 (unknown user) Nean buttkiss bobbsl

April Radioactive (6th) asgrant1 Mistybug MatthewT212 mattysexy90 sljmbll jameshatcher (unknown user) Jinxy (5th) sfevans (unknown user) bibijai spooky wooky Spytrx cccccory13 lowgroove williams_327 (unknown user) Radioactive (7th) DrShrinker mr blur (2nd) jeffwinn1970 jackiep h (unknown user) Harmon951 (3rd) lithops (2nd) certcomp (7th) thingmaker (8th)

May hidinginthemarsh (unknown user) spooky wooky (2nd) Jinxy (6th) gangsternerd strained(3rd) ehs1331 smokeymtn (4th) diverswan9 JonH bigmecha (6th) rosco01 thingmaker (9th) marina32 peroco (2nd) certcomp (8th) Radioactive (8th)

JuneRumblestrip (2nd) Dr J (6th) LjinTexas spooky wooky (3rd) whatmakesmedifferent (2nd) certcomp (9th) thingmaker (10th) our1to williams_327 (unknown user) 3rd Yarra 604online (3rd) Rusty (unknown user)firstamanix max (unknown user)

July Oscar Palma certcomp (10th) Jinxy (7th) The Masked Man (2nd) thingmaker (11th) spooky wooky (4th) samsungsux (3rd)

August mufngrufSiggi80 thingmaker (12th) Jinxy (8th) omnilent lunetas bigmecha (7th) spooky wooky (5th)

September Ted (2nd) whatmakesmedifferent (3rd) thingmaker (13th) Jinxy (9th) mryltyssn somit29 pd228203 (unknown user) spooky wooky (6th) Trailblazer aspirinix

October BlackMoth thingmaker (14th) Jinxy (10th) ADRIEL1957 BillzBill britney1984 certcomp (11th) spooky wooky (7th) ripplingwaves Rumblestrip (3rd) RikerDonegal

Novemberjamesonathan Jay (unknown user) Jinxy (11th) 604online (4th) jimmino thingmaker (15th)jamesonathan (2nd) turomsha (unknown user) greg (5th) Ted (2nd) ralpho13 bigmecha (8th) Samuel (unknown user) Mark (unknown user)

December samsungsux (4th) aspirinix (2nd) Jinxy (12th)jamesonathan (3rd) singh55 (unknown user) mrmocman mr blur (3rd) ehs1331 (2nd) strained (4th) my8kitso spooky wooky (8th) thingmaker (16th) tvguyau 604online (5th) Derede Peter12345




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