Donation using PayPal

Hello movie lovers.

Thank You for sticking with me for almost 2 years and over 30k of movies and Thank You to each person who supported this blog so far.

Many of you asked for a direct way of donation (PayPal)… some of you already have premium account on RapidGator or Linkifier the others just wanted another option.
The problem with PayPal is if I would just link my PayPal account on this website, they will just ban me sooner or later. I’ve looked for some way to minimalize that ban and I think I’ve found it.

If you would like to donate and motivate me even more please visit my DIY blog and donate using that website:

Tyson Price DIY blog

You may ask yourself: Will I receive something back? I would like to offer you something great but I’m afraid I don’t have much to give. The website doesn’t have any hidden content or extra options.

I could limit some of the content like request section, or make new posts visible only for donors but I’m not going to do that.

All I can do is:

  • For every donation over 20$ I’ll sent you voucher for 30 days premium account (on request since many users don’t want it).
  • Every donor can ask me to make RG hotlinks for specific movies available on this website (hotlink lets you download as premium user using my bandwidth), contact me HERE and sent the url or filename.
  • List your name or login on Wall of Fame 2018, Wall of Fame 2019 or Wall of Fame 2020.
  • Access to Request section here.
  • No advertisement banners (except RapidGator banner, many users may still use it to support even more)
  • Every new feature or some hidden content that may be added in the future will be available to all donors.

I’ll sent your voucher to the e-mail you provided while making donation.

While making a donation please DO NOT mention anything about

A Final note… If circumstances change, and a refund is required, please contact me HERE instead of asking Paypal.

Thank You for all you support