Attention all 1Fichier users!

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As probably most of you noticed 1Fichier changed their add policy. When you visit 1Fichier download page you will be greeted with:

From now on they are forcing users to disable addblock.

I DO NOT recommend disabling adblocks since many of their ads (as noticed by few members and my own observation) contains viruses like: ransomware, trojans, miners etc.

I don’t have any impact on their decisions and for now I’m forced to use them. I’ll look for some alternative filehost that could take their place but that won’t happen fast. I have over 50TB on 1fichier and I don’t think other filehosts can handle it, so if decide to replace 1fichier many of old files will have to be left on 1fichier either way.

If you still want to use 1Fichier I can try helping you stay safe and still get your files.

  • The best and easiest way is to use Chrome browser with installed add blocker like uBlock Origin or Ghostery .
  • Opera is also able to bypass their add block filter (you still need some add blocker).
  • Firefox users will have to use additional add-on called Anti-Adblock Killer that works with AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin or Adguard AdBlocker.
  • Use JDownloader 2, it’s a software for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to download files without even going to 1fichier website (Thanks for Pickles for a reminder).

Click on links bellow to install mentioned add blockers.

Ghostery     Anti-Adblock Killer     uBlock     Adblock     Adblock Plus     AdGuard

Download JDownloader 2

This is how 1fichier download page looks like using chrome and Ghostery:

If you have other suggestions for users to still use 1fichier save feel free to share them in comment section…also if you know some good filehosts that could replace 1Fichier please share them.


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  • Pickles June 29, 2018

    I use JDownloader 2 (Windows, Mac). It’s a download manager with a link grabber feature, so you never have to load up the web pages.

  • Administrator35 June 30, 2018

    I forgot about JD hehe. Thank You for a reminder, info added.

  • KoKoTheKlown June 30, 2018

    I already have ghostery and uBlock on firefox and it hasn’t blocked this from happening.

    I have the latest version of Firefox and Anti-Adblock Killer isn’t compatible.

    Is JDownloader safe to download? last time i tried some years ago i got a virus

  • RhessIPRossidy June 30, 2018

    I don’t have any problems when I download with Opera browser. I hope you’ll stay with 1fichier for a long time as they are the most user-friendly file host for free users, apart from MediaFire.

  • Administrator35 June 30, 2018

    You know that for Anti-Adblock Killer you have to have installed on firefox Greasemonkey plugin?
    I’ve it and it works fine with latest version of firefox.

  • Administrator35 June 30, 2018

    I think user friendly isn’t the right thing to say for a filehost that’s throwing trojans at your PC hehe, still they have the best speed for free users. For now I’ll stay with them since I don’t have other options atm 🙂

  • KoKoTheKlown June 30, 2018

    i’ll try thanks

  • Jinxy Roberts July 3, 2018

    Have you considered Uptobox? I use them as well as a second host. Reasonable in price, and they say there is no limit on account size as long as say (If I remember correctly) 8 % is downloaded each month on a premium account. Its been at least 6 months since I asked so I might be wrong now on that. I have not used them as a free user, but those that have downloaded my files have said they are really easy to use. Just thought I toss that out there as a possible alternative. I too use 1fichier and ALWAYS use jd2 for 1fichier. I have noticed more host sites are doing the same as 1fichier, that is why I do use jd2 so I can skip that crud! 🙂

  • tokoian July 4, 2018

    1Fichier have always been tops when it comes files for premium users. However, I know for a fact that they do target accounts where data limits ‘in their estimation’ is excessive. They give very limited time to reduce the usage before they cull files themselves. So, while they’re kept to around 15TB, you should be safe. I’ve used 1F for many years now, and would still recommend them as a cheap, reliable host. As for the adblock issue, members simply need to use a debrid site.

  • Tim July 5, 2018

    I would use that but when I try to download/install, Windows Defender goes off and blocks it. Sketchy stuff.

  • Administrator35 July 5, 2018

    Weird, you can try Mipony if you are not sure about JD

  • Administrator35 July 5, 2018

    I have over 56TB on 1fichier, if you give them traffic then you are fine 🙂

  • Lindy July 6, 2018

    Thank you,
    You have made it possible for me to get many shows and movies.
    1Fichier is working fine fir me.
    I always had Greasemonkey and Adblock Plus installed.
    I have not gotten a popup.
    Great job you are doing.
    Really appreciate all your hard work and sharing.

  • Dee July 9, 2018

    I was opening them in private window on FF but it wouldn’t let me do that any more either so I look at them in chrome and so far its helping.

  • Dee July 16, 2018

    two Dee’s?

  • Administrator35 July 16, 2018

    It appears so… hehe

  • RGB_color_profile July 31, 2018

    not wanting to be off-topic, but could not find a thread for the new https.

    I like using iron browser, as I am very anti-google and so anti-chrome. but now, when trying to access your website using Iron, I get the following:


    For some time now, I have noticed that most https will render on Iron, but some will not. I am not a fan of https, since the real security problems on the net are not “lateral” so much as they are “linear” with the third party websites that are embedded into the target webpage/website being visited. Plus https slows down the webpage to bloatware snail’s crawl.

    I feel https at best gives people a false sense of security. Really, the only time I can see where lateral security would be important is for persons holding online accounts and are “logged in”, and as such, eavesdroppers would be a problem then and so https is necessary. Otherwise, there is no real need for lateral security for ordinary web browsing. For example, look at the wasted catastrophe of wikipedia. who cares if I am looking up an article on Hildagard von Bingin or paleotology? The internet is rapidly no longer a practical usable technology.

    Again, I feel the real problems and threats on the internet are the webpages being visited that are hosting 3rd party websites that are hosting malware, such as what 1fichier is doing nowadays. In that sense, I regard the HUGE SPY, ‘google’, which is embedded in most websites nowadays, to be worst malware: the biggest spyware on the planet today. Anyone who uses google forsakes/forgoes their 4th amendment right to privacy. I do not relate to voluntary surveillance culture. Personally, I live a google-free lifestyle.

    Many Human Beings have given their lives to give us constitutional privacy. The real security threats on the web are not so much lateral eavesdroppers, but the spyware/adware embedded in the website being visited. It should be remembered that old-fashioned viruses were only meant to wreck someone’s computer, but modern-day adware/spyware is meant to WRECK YOUR LIFE! Google is the largest spy on the planet nowadays, followed by anyone foolish enough to use Windows 8 or 10, along with facebook and twitter lusers. “follow the fools”, as they (the sheeples) sell out their own freedom to the worst criminals of all: government (gestapos, actually) and overstuffed corporations in league with various governments. Together, they are the apocalypse.

    Please, if you insist on bloating your website with https, I wish you would use a more user-friendly version that works across various platforms and browsers. Other than that, I see no real need for https on your website. Just voicing my opinion. But thank you anyway for the great website. Except that I can no longer access your website with Iron Browser, I like your website a lot.

  • Administrator35 August 3, 2018

    First let me apologize for the late response… I totally understand your frustration against google etc. I have similar feelings and running a pirate blog forced me to to be more careful about my privacy than I was few years ago.
    I still use google… like analytics mainly because it’s a good service and pretty much there is no other simple alternative.
    As for https… it’s still better to use it than not… it doesn’t do anything wrong for users and most of ppl aren’t tech savvy and seeing a big info about website being not secure may give them wrong ideas. I’ve many browsers installed mainly to see if everything is OK with my website and SRWare Iron is one of them and I can access here without any problems. Maybe the problem is with your settings of plugins?

    Anyway hope you can find your way back here.

    Take care and stay under radar 🙂

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